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Thursday, September 13, 2012

For My Grandma

I didn’t think I would be writing a remembrance letter about my Grandma just under six months after my Grandfather’s death.  However, with the passing of my Grandmother two weeks ago, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

My Grandmother, Hope L.  Delgado, 85 was suffering badly from Alzheimer’s disease, but I thought I would be able to see her when I return from my service.  As I write this, I’m listening to Spanish music, because that’s what my Grandma played in the house when I was younger, but it’s not helping.
My Grandmother was a ray of light whenever she came into a room.  She always brought energy and love to everyone around her.  Going to Grandma's to stay overnight when I was little always made me excited.  Together with my Grandpa, we would go to the movies, the park, and bring Chicago hot dogs home or pizza from Vito & Nicks.  (I’m getting hungry just writing those items.)  She always shared stories of growing up in Chicago.
My Grandma loved this City.  She worked at Marshall Fields when it was called that & was proud of it.  Now, it’s called something else, but that’s another story.  She would walk with my Mom & I in the store to look at different shops every holiday season.   Another Chicago story she told was growing up on Taylor Street.  All of her brothers & sisters had a choice of either taking the bus going to the park or walking to the park & taking a bus ride home.  The choice was always simple for them and that was taking a bus to the park, so they can start playing at the park as soon as possible.  Her family might have been tired at the end of the day, but to them it was more time at the park & that was all that mattered.
Similar to my Grandfather, Grandma was a terrific cook.  Her mole & rice were out of this world.  Unlike the hot cakes I found in the Olongapo City market that I found before my Grandfather died, which were one of the items my Grandfather made; I haven’t found anything remotely close to my Grandmother’s cooking in the Philippines.  However, she would encourage me to try some of the new foods here & I have.  Just the other day, I tried Chicken liver; it tastes like chicken, but on a stick.  Not bad for 12 pesos.

I was one blessed Grandson and now one incredibly sad Peace Corps Volunteer.  However, I'll be ok knowing my Grandma is now at Peace and joined with my Grandfather & Mom (their daughter) in spirit.  May she rest in Peace.  If anyone knew my Grandmother, please post your memories below.