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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Graduation happened two weeks ago, but I still can't believe how long it was.  The ceremony lasted 5 ½ hours with an extra hour of taking pictures.  It was great to see, especially some of my basketball players walk up to get their diploma.  In addition, witnessing a graduation in another country was great too, one parent walked up with their son or daughter to the stage.  The ladies are on the left side and the boys on the right. 

The night before, the school had what they call "Recognition Rites" similar to an Honors night at some schools in the U.S.  This was to recognize
the students in the 1st-3rd year levels.  This night wasn't as long as graduation, but they did present many awards that might not even be considered in some countries. 
Basketball players: Alvin, Villegas, Rodin


Soccer Camp

Although summer break officially started, I still have a lot of work to get done.  First was participating in a 3 day soccer camp for my fellow volunteer's site, April 2-4.  We had our camp at the Zambales Sports Complex in IBA, Zambales.  They were long, but fun days.  It would start with an hour & half bus ride to IBA, then we would break into groups (I was the leader of the group (Team Warriors).  Our team won the championship on the last day.  There are plenty of photos of this on my facebook page.

Project Time
Last Saturday I met with my counterpart at her house and we looked over possible grants to look at for our Reading Center Renovation we want to do at our school.  This will take awhile because we are still making our proposal.  We found out the budget for this project and the total amount is PHP 300,066 equivalent to $6,978.00 USD.

Although I'm off these next two months from teaching and will explore Northern Luzon (Mt Pulag), I will concentrate on finishing this proposal because we will need all the help we can get.

Ingat na.

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