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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photos of my journey so far Part 1 of many to come

So far I've only told you in words what I've done and accomplished, which haven't been much.  This post is exclusively photos so far of what it's looked like from my end.  Hope you enjoy.  The photo above is of me heading off to Los Angeles from Chicago on the morning of Friday, July 2, 2011.
These frogs were outside my room when I stayed at 11RR before I came to Dinalipihan in Bataan.  This was when I was still in Silang.

Even though this shot is far away I had to get a shot with both the Peace Corps flag and the John F Kennedy Peace Corps Poster.

All the shots I had taken were of the one above and I need a close up with both flags and Kennedy.  I couldn't leave 11RR without doing it.

This is Edmund, my roommate at 11RR and more importantly, the one who alerted help when I had a seizure.  We've trained together, but his permanent site will be about 4-5 hours from my permanent site.

Those are the photos for now.  I have to go as my laptop doesn't have much power left. bye

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  1. Hi Steve! I just read your recent postings and really enjoy the way that you write. Glad that you are out of your sling. You should compile all of your blogs and write a book, you should submit your writings to Outside Magazine. You are interesting and keep the reader like myself interested. Stay healthy - Chuck