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Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Photos from my training site, Barangay Magsaysay, Dinalupihan

I am back with more photos now that my community project is over.  Thank God.  But first let me tell you about this past week and a half. 

I gave three different lesson plans to eight different classes.  The first was on Garbage Burning to a group of ALS students.  ALS here in the Philippines similar to GED in the U.S.  These people never graduated high school and now they're going back to school to get their GED.  Trying to get them to talk and participate in class was like pulling teeth from a person.  It was hard at first, but it got easier as it went along. This was just a five - 10 minute speech, given four separate times.

My second lesson plan was last Monday and it was on Oddessy written by Homer.  For those of you not update on Roman Mythology, Oddessy is the sequal to the Book of "Iliad".  There's movie called "Troy" that tells about Iliad.  My lesson plan on Oddessy was an eye opener on preparation.  My note cards were all over the place, but I am glad the students were patient with me as I taught the entire class.  I let students finish sentenances, which most of them knew the answer to because they had done their homework.  I ended early, but Mam Bel. (the teacher in the class said I did good).  That was a relief and great to get that lesson plan off my back and concentrate on the community project.

We have five members in our cluster working on this project. Kevin, Katlin, Julie, Phyllis and me.  Kevin & Katlin were in one room covering listening & speaking, while Julie & Phyllis were in another covering Reading & Writing.  I was in a room doing a lesson on Motivators three different times to three different groups of students.  Two of them were high school, which I am used to.  The first group was college and the toughest because I expected a larger group and one of the games I had was for a larger group, but I adjusted and made due.  The second & third groups were the best, especially the second.  They really liked the motivator games I prepared for them.  What I prepared was three games. One called Name Exchange, another called Human Scrabble, and a third called Name interview.  The students had fun with three of them.  However, it's nice relief to be done with that project and concentrate on my language these last two weeks before I go to my permanent site in Olongapo City in the Province of Zambles.  Ok here come the pics.
The picture above is the day I arrived at my host family's house on Sunday, July 17 with my host tatay (host father) Rollie Langad, his wife & host nanay (host mom) Loida Langad and their cute daughter 6 year old Irisz (who will turn 7 on September 25)
This is my mosquito net given to me by Peace Corps, but I still get bitten by mosquitos.  One night and Ipis(cockroach) snuck into the net.  I had to use old papers given to me at IO to kill the sucker.

As I mentioned a few blogs ago, the fish here is incredible and you just eat it right off the bone.  Some of the fish here would probably cost $60-$70 at a restaurant.  In the future, I plan on doing an entire blog post on just food here in the Philippines.  Tell me what you want to know in the comment section.
 I thought is was a nice pic of a carabou below is a pic of me on the trail that's right by my house.  I'd be on that trail more often if it wasn't so rainy.

The pic to the right is the bridge you have to cross to reach the other side and finish the rest of the trail.  This is the halfway marker 

I just love the pic above!

 This pic was the miniture school our group at Supervisor's Conference made. 

This photo is yours truly doing an old traditional dance in the Philippines.  I am surprised I managed not to fall.  I have more photos, but I will post them another time.  Have fun with these.  Ingat na.  (Take Care!)

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