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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cooking, Mt Sumat & more photos

Extra time means extra time to get caught up with more photos.

Who needs a carrot shredder when you have Steve Sierra cutting carrots without cutting himself and that's the truth, not one cut.  Out here there's no need for extra junk, everything is done by hand, no blenders, just hard-nosed stirring & cutting.  It also depends on where you're at too.
 It's nice having an audience while you cut.  That's Irisz watching me cut carrots.  There one of four incredients I need for cooking Limpia Shanghi rolls.

Above I am in the kitchen doing the final & tough touches of flipping the rolls to make sure they're cooked right.  To the right is the end result.  They tasted delicious.  I wish I could send some home.
 Mt Sumat is above and I wish I could make it bigger, but if I make it bigger, I won't be able to add the 2nd image of me at the half-way marker.
Like the other pic, I wish I could make the size bigger on the photo above.  We're 36 stories high.  Next to the photo are Mike & Gina, the photo was shot sideways, but I still got a good shot of them.

Above are photos from my last day in class at BPSU (my training site).  I enjoyed my time there.  I taught High School Senior class and this is also the class I taught my Oddyssey & Motivator sessions to.

That's it for now.  The rest of the photos didn't make the cut and plus I have to get out of here.  I talk to you next time.  If you haven't check the site in a while, be sure to check my last blog published this past Sunday for even more photos. 
Take care

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